Optimised navigation for collection services

Make your waste collection, cleaning and business services more efficient with pre-set routes.

Our software helps you become more competitive and plan, optimise and analyse your drivers’ routes.

Save time on your routes, increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction.

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Their routes run smoothly with FLEEX

Make your drivers’ lives easier and optimise your productivity

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Make things simpler

Reduce the learning time for new drivers.
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Boost performance

Improve the way your drivers complete your routes and customer satisfaction.
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Increase profitability

Reduce journey times, vehicle wear and fuel costs.
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Communicate with each other using the instant messaging system.
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Analyse the work performed

View uncompleted sections of your routes on a map.

Manage, complete and analyse your routes

Fleex waste support you at every stage of your collection

#1 : Import, create and personalise your routes

An intuitive interface designed for complex routes

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Import routes and POIs

Import and create your POIs (points of interest = collection points, warehouses, etc.) and routes.

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Record your routes

Record your routes using the Fleex Recorder app by integrating geolocated instructions and messages.

L'interface de Fleex Web
Route optimisation

Create an optimised route using your POIs. You can also take into account the side of the road collections will take place on.

L'interface de Fleex Web avec les différents instructions opérationnelles en différents couleurs.
Operational instructions

Use or define your operational instructions, for example the type of collection or reverse.

L'interface de Fleex Web avec la fenêtre de Message.
Alerts, notifications and action forms

Create personalised messages or action forms for part of a route or an address, for example indicating that there is a damaged bin or dangerous bend.

L'interface de Fleex Web avec les groupe de tournées, et les routes.
Managing groups of routes

Create groups of routes according to type of collection, geographical area or day of completion.

#2 : GPS navigation for complex routes

Easy to use, the Android application makes drivers’ work easier.

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GPS navigation

Step-by-step guidance combining operational and driving instructions.

Navigation in unmapped sections of your routes

Guidance on unmapped roads (such as car parks or new roads).

Navigation to the rubbish tip/warehouse

Navigation to pre-set POIs followed by directions to return to the route.

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Managing deviations from a set route

If a driver has had to deviate from their route, they can opt to find their own way back to rejoin the
route, or follow directions from the GPS system.

Deviations due to road closures

Drivers can ask the app to provide directions to avoid a road closure.

Real-time communication

Bidirectional messaging service and an alert system with pre-set or free messages (e.g. missing bin, weight of the truck and fill level).

#3 Analyse your routes to improve your operations

Analyse past journeys

See the completion rates and the start and end times for each route completed.

Completed/uncompleted comparison

See completed and uncompleted sections of your routes on a map.

Ecran PC d'analyse de segments de tournée réalisé vs non réalisé

Software to make route management and completion easier

Winter maintenance

Fleex helps you improve your winter maintenance operations. The routes and guidance take into account the areas that need to be cleared of snow or treated with salt or brine.

Quantity and density information can be shown to optimise costs and make drivers’ lives easier.

Image d'ouvrier en mission de collecte de déchets
Routes with restrictions

Fleex is the solution for businesses that operate complex routes with restrictions day in, day out, forexample, road operators who have to follow a route that requires lots of different actions (checking, collection and delivery) along the entire route.

Fleex helps to manage this kind of route, guides the driver, informs them of the right action to take, and asks them to confirm they have performed the action before continuing along the route.

Image de camion en tournée de propreté urbaine
Consulting firms

Fleex has an app that lets you record and digitise routes that consulting firms can use to optimise your waste collection routes.

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Waste collection

Fleex is a solution designed for collection businesses.

It makes organising your routes simpler and supports drivers from the start of their route to the end with business-specific messages and instructions such as which side of the road the collection is on or the manoeuvres they will need to carry out.

Image de chauffeur en tournée de collecte
Urban sanitation

Fleex adapts to the specific features of urban sanitation with pedestrian journey management or a street cleaner.

Fleex can manage specific cleaning methods such as washing/sweeping, manual/mechanised work, work on the pavement/roadway and operations using a hand-held pressure washer lance/vehicle-mounted spray bar.

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