Fleex Waste

Intelligent Navigation for Collection Services

Fleex Waste is a software platform to improve the efficiency of waste collection and street cleaning services.

The Fleex Waste server allows you to plan, optimize and customize the routes of mobiles agents. The Fleex Nav mobile application receives the instructions and guides the drivers along the predefined routes and can take information from your drivers and the web to optimize these routes over time, reducing waste and increasing productivity and profits.

Customer benefits

Fleex Waste provides solutions to companies that operate identical routes. Thanks to simple planning and navigation functions, the system can:

  • Facilitate the work in the field
  • Reduce the learning time of new drivers
  • Increase profitability by reducing travel times while minimizing vehicle wear and fuel costs.
  • Improve the completion rates of the tasks to be performed.

Main features and functions

Import routes from multi-source (route optimization, GPS recording, GIS)
Creation, edition and centralized administration of the routes.
Tailor your routes with custom data, business instructions, and alerts.
Off-road management (non-mapped areas, private roads, etc.)
Routes’ assignment to vehicles
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Real-time navigation for car and trucks
Alarm management
Rerouting forced or free
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Percentage of achieved route
Suspend navigation and guidance to base, processing center or route Cancellations.
Two way messaging

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