The industry-strength navigation application

BeNav is an industry-strength GPS guidance system tailored to mobile workforce management. Improve the productivity and efficiency of your mobile teams with a navigation application that is fully connected to your organisation’s IT system, offering optimised route calculation, accurate journey times and integration with in-vehicle applications.

The BeNav software has been successfully deployed across the transport, energy, public maintenance and delivery sectors. With ongoing support and upgrades, our customers are free to focus on their day-to-day activities with complete peace of mind.

Product overview

BeNav is an in-vehicle navigation system featuring on-line traffic services and a host of functionality designed to provide effective GPS guidance for your mobile workforce.


  • In-vehicle navigation (via terminal expansion cards)
  • Local range-based searches
  • Alternative route calculation.
  • Text-to-speech voice alerts
  • 3D building displays
  • Accurate journey times, incorporating historic and real-time traffic data.

Using our navigation API, BeNav can be fully integrated into your company’s IT system. Supported communication features enable instructions such as destination locations, alert zones, business-critical landmarks etc to be sent out from company HQ, while handling incoming notifications sent back from the application. Instructions may be sent either to the navigation app itself or to your central control system using a fully documented, feature-rich API.


Operating systems: Android, Linux, iOS, Windows (Phone, PC).

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BeNav Truck

HGV navigation

BeNav Truck is a navigation application specially designed for the haulage industry. BeNav calculates routes appropriate for heavy goods vehicles, cutting unnecessary mileage and improving the efficiency of your deliveries.


  • HGV route calculation
  • Support for journeys with multiple landmarks
  • Vehicle profile management
  • Map display showing highway restrictions

Highway restrictions

  • Physical restrictions: height, width, weight, axle load, length.
  • Statutory restrictions: HGVs, towed vehicles, hazardous materials.
  • Restriction on manoeuvres: no left/right turn, no U-turns.

HGV-specific landmarks

  • HGV stopping areas: rest areas reserved for heavy goods vehicles.
  • Service stations with HGV facilities.
  • Weigh stations.


Operating systems: Android, Linux, iOS, Windows (Phone, PC).

Sectors concerned

Transportation and logistics
Passenger transportation
Buses and taxis
Public services
Energy distribution, environment, public maintenance…
Emergency services
Police, fire, ambulance
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