ev-move fleet

     Facilitate the electric transition

  Perform analytics on your fleet and get the key indicators that

  allow you to make the right decision when electrifying your fleet.

3 steps towards a successful transition with ev-Move fleet

Step #1

Operational analysis


ev-Move Fleet uses actual route data to simulate the impact on each journey of using an electrical vehicle, on a vehicle-by-vehicle basis across the whole fleet.

The fleet manager can customize analytics by setting their own charging and battery life rules, as well as by selecting specific electric vehicles.

The operational report sets out the “electrical” compatibility of each vehicle. A compatibility percentage allows you to see whether an alternative is possible in the case of vehicles that are incompatible.

Step #2

Environmental analysis


ev-Move Fleet estimates the fleet’s CO2 emissions and simulates the impact of electrifying the fleet on these emissions.

The CO2 environmental report sets out the environmental impact for each vehicle and each journey.

Step #3

Financial analysis


ev-Move Fleet estimates the impact of electrification on the energy cost, giving the manager a clear overview of the electrical TCO of the fleet.

The electric energy cost includes the cost of charging both at the workplace and on the road with a breakdown for each set of analytics.

The benefits of ev-Move fleet

  • High-performance algorithms

    Our energy consumption algorithms incorporate many parameters: vehicle profile, weather, road topography…

  • Experts in Electric vehicles

    BeNomad has been involved in the electromobility sector for nearly 10 years and provides solutions to major players within the ecosystem (Renault, Stellantis, Hyundai, Michelin, Izivia…)

  • Fast and simple

    The ergonomy of the platform means that in just a few clicks you can select vehicles, quickly launch analytics and see the results within minutes.

  • Integration (APIs)

    The various analytics are available through documented APIs, allowing them to be quickly integrated into other solutions.

  • Scalable

    ev-Move Fleet is a scalable solution that adapts to the requirements of our clients.

ev-Move Fleet: a solution that is suited to different business lines

Fleet management
Get accurate information and migrate to an electrical fleet with the help of a simple, powerful tool.
Leasing companies
Help your clients to identify the vehicle that best meets their needs with our white-label solution.
Add value to your existing offering thanks to our APIs aimed at facilitating the transition to electric vehicles.
Software developers
Integrate our APIs to handle projects offering support for the energy transition of fleets.
Consultancy firms
Supplement your support and consultancy services with a customizable, automated tool.

Want to find out about ev-Move Fleet?

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