Mapping software development specialists

Since 2002, we have been designing, developing and marketing mapping and navigation software tailored to helping companies manage their mobile resources as effectively as possible.

Working with the IT industry

Whether you are a software company or service operator, our products provide significant added value in the production and sale of geolocation services.

With over 1 000,000 BeNav installations on GPS-enabled devices and over 500,000 BeMap-enabled vehicles across the globe, BeNomad has risen in the space of a single decade to become one of the leading providers of IT communications and geolocation services

To analyse customer needs in the face of current technological developments in order to provide navigation, location and route optimisation solutions in an ever changing and increasingly complex landscape.

Our philosophy and values

Growing a human-focussed company with innovative products.

To ensure that our company remains at the cutting edge of innovation, we invest in research and development and position ourselves as partners in key mobility projects that will forge our future, teaming up with major groups and academic research labs. Three such projects have recently been undertaken: Greenfeed (e-mobility), SEAS, (smart buildings and e-mobility) and EDIT (energy-efficient heavy goods vehicle distribution).

Understanding our business means understanding that of our customers

Car fleets, HGVs, taxis, public transport and services, raw materials distribution, emergency vehicle and call centre services, waste collection, mobile workforce (sales teams, technical and maintenance teams, delivery operatives)…

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