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BeNomad is introducing new innovations in the field of electric vehicle mobility – a set of features to optimise and facilitate electric mobility for both individuals and businesses.

An innovative solution to make all your trips more efficient.

Innovative features dedicated to e-mobility

ev-Move is a system that simplifies the use of electric vehicles for the public sector and companies, as well as for drivers.

ev-Move consists of features that are specific to electric vehicles, making it possible to reassure the driver and facilitate and optimise the use of the vehicle.

The main feature of ev-Move is an estimate of the “energy cost” for a given route.

The calculation takes into account the state of charge (SoC), the topography of the road, the driving profile, the vehicle profile, the outside temperature and the energy recovery capacity (when braking or going downhill).

ev-Move enables the vehicle’s reachability area, also known as the range area, to be presented in real time.

It is much more than just a perimeter around your location – it is a precise calculation of the reachable area, based on the position of the vehicle, battery level and estimated energy consumption.

Zone d'Atteignabilité - MoVE

ev-Move enables you to display the charging stations around you or search it around an address or geolocation.  The charging points are selected according to their availability, compatibility with the vehicle and the charging profile defined by the user (means of payment, the charging card used, the desired power, charging cost, etc.)

Recherche de Borne de Rechearge Véhicule Electrique - MoVE

For trips requiring one or more charges, ev-Move takes into account the available charging points close to your route, and, based on numerous technical parameters and your destination, adapts the route to optimise the selected charging points, charging time and driving time.  The app will tell you the energy required and the time required for each charge.

ev-Move also enables you to find a charging point near your destination or, if there is no charging station available, will calculate the load level with which you must arrive at a destination to enable you to reach a charging station when you set off again.

Calcul Itinéraire Electrique Intelligent - MoVE

ev-Move App

One of the components of ev-Move is the navigation application.

ev-Move app is a navigation application dedicate to Electric Vehicle, it has the functions of a classic GPS navigation, combined with specific features for mobility in electric vehicles.

Would you like to incorporate a navigation system to add to or improve your product?  ev-Move app has been designed for use as a white label product.  You can therefore offer a navigation app especially for electric vehicles that reflects your own image.

ev-Move app will enable you to organise and optimise journeys in electric vehicles. You will also be able to see the load requirements for managing the recharging of your electric fleet.

Finally, ev-Move has been designed to incorporate business data that will be used to adjust your routes, taking account of the specific characteristics of your business.

Do you own an electric vehicle?  Are you looking for the best navigation solution to optimise your trips? Discover ev-Move app – a navigation tool that has been designed to make life easier for drivers of electric vehicles.

The classic GPS guidance features, combined with the specific features of electric vehicles, make ev-Move the ideal solution for any type of trip in an electric vehicle, whether for everyday journeys, an unexpected detour or medium-length destinations.  ev-Move adapts to many different parameters, enabling you to reach your destination with complete peace of mind.

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ev-Move Server

ev-Move server, web services and SDK enable businesses and the public sector to incorporate energy consumption, electric route calculation and range area services in existing solutions.

Calculating an optimum route for a journey in an electric vehicle requires particularly sophisticated algorithms, as well as a system that is able to carry out numerous route simulations with multiple parameters to find the ideal route in just a few moments.

ev-Move Server is the answer to this challenge, both in terms of intelligence and computing capacity to give the best results.

Our tools make it possible to incorporate “electrical” services rapidly in business solutions, thus offering a means of optimising routes, facilitating travel or managing a fleet of electric vehicles, while taking into account the specific aspects of the user’s business.

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