Enterprise mapping services platform

BeMap is a mapping server solution offering a suite of geolocation functions for integration into transport operators’ back-end IT systems or mobile/web applications.
Accessed via a set of web services, BeMap offers a suite of functions for planning and analysing routes, calculating vehicle journeys (for cars/HGVs), tracing back over completed journeys and calculating transportation costs.


  • Location and monitoring of vehicles
  • TMS system development
  • HGV route calculation
  • Delivery route identification and optimisation


These functions are described through web services based on JSON-RPC or SOAP protocols

Map display
Geocoding and reverse geocoding
Route calculation
HGVs; light and energy-efficient vehicles
Real time and statistical traffic data
Delivery route creation and scheduling
Geo-fencing and corridor fencing
Route retrace

Sectors concerned

Telematics operators
  • Fleet management (HGVs; light and energy-efficient vehicles)
  • Remote personnel safety
  • Stolen vehicle recovery (SVR)
  • Insurance (Pay As You Drive)
Software providers and integrators
  • TMS/route finding
  • Route optimisation
  • Geo-marketing
  • Waste collection and management

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