Mapping SDK and Navigation API

Enhance your business applications with mapping, geolocation and GPS guidance functionality.
Our Mapping SDK and Navigation API are modular, multi-platform software development kits designed to enrich business applications with advanced mapping functionality. They simplify the process of integrating geolocation, route calculation and industry-strength GPS guidance features into web, desktop or in-vehicle applications.

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Customer benefits
Our SDK and API provide customers with a number of key benefits:
• Reduce development cycles with fully documented APIs
• Minimise integration time
• Produce bespoke products with built-in ad-hoc mapping solutions tailored to user activity
• Control your remote teams’ activities, letting the system take care of delivering instructions to in-vehicle applications while your workforce is en route
GeoSDK provides a set of libraries for integrating advanced mapping features into both desktop and server applications.
The system provides high-performance address lookup, journey time calculation and map display features for use in call centre, delivery optimisation and TMS software applications.
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  • Geo-coding: batch address lookups
  • Routing: constraint-aware route calculation for cars and HGVs
  • Distance matrix/isochrone calculation
  • Electric vehicle routing: energy-efficient routing, battery range calculation.
  • Real-time and statistical traffic information
  • Interactive map display
  • Support for proprietary geo-tagged data.

Development languages: Visual Basic, Java, C#.Net and C++

Operating systems: Windows and Linux.

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Navigation API
Remote Navigation Control is an API designed to streamline the process of integrating the BeNav navigation application into existing solutions, delivering instructions from your company’s back-end IT system.
The Remote Navigation Control API is a communications module providing functions that your business application system can use to control navigation.
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The RNC API is a communications module supporting a number of commands that can be inserted to control navigation-related operations. Functions provided include:

  • Two-way communication with your business application system.
  • Send destinations as either geographic coordinates or postal addresses.
  • List constituent waypoints for a given route.
  • Alert management: alert zone and notification of arrival/waypoint crossing.
  • Send obstacle/clearance locations to override routes.
  • Retrieval of journey time (ETA)/distance information.
  • Add and remove business-specific landmarks
  • Display control: zoom in on a location, area or route.
  • Select route colouring based on business-specific criteria.

Operating systems and development languages

The Remote Navigation Control API can be integrated into C++ or C# environments for Windows development and Java environments for Android development.

Specialist transport systems integrator
Haulage and delivery, public transport, emergency transport, passenger transport
E-mobility solutions developer
Public maintenance, environmental health, energy distribution, grid monitoring
Specialist transportation software provider
Transport Management System, ERP, routine optimisation and delivery planning
Call Center

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