Route planning and navigation
for electric vehicles

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Plan, Drive, Charge

Improve the driving experience for electric car users.

Our smart apps and services help ease the transition to zero-emission mobility.

Whether you manufacture cars, provide transport services or manage a business fleet, offer innovative bespoke electromobility services with our route-planning, navigation and charging solutions for electric vehicles.

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ev-Move Routenberechnung und Navigation für Elektrofahrzeuge

ev-Move is the driver’s travel companion at every stage of their journey

With ev-Move, you can develop bespoke route-planning, navigation and charging solutions for a unique driving experience that is fine-tuned to your needs.

Our technology:

Accurately estimates

energy consumption

Our algorithms are endorsed by car manufacturers and titans of the eletromobility industry and use a range of parameters, including topography, weather, traffic and vehicle model to accurately estimate the energy requirements for each journey.

Darstellung des Energieverbrauchs

Planning an electric car journey

has never been so easy

The electric car route-planner uses data on 200 car models to recommend the best route based on time, consumption, cost and charging point locations.

Choose from a wide range of options to adapt the route for business or private use including recommended speed, charge mode, preferred charging networks and drive mode.

Bildschirm der EV-Trip Planner Funktionen ev-Move

Find a charging point wherever you are

Use the charging station search engine to locate the right station for your vehicle and usage based on multiple filters including power, charging network, payment method and number of sockets, and get availability information in real-time.

The search engine is compatible with a range of protocols including OCPI, OICP and EMIP, and is linked to the charging station databases of multiple suppliers for better functional and geographic coverage.

Bildschirm der Ladesäulensuchfunktion

See battery range information at a glance

Battery range information is used to display your driving range in real time. The driving range is much more than just a perimeter around the position of your vehicle. It is based on a precise calculation of battery levels and estimated energy consumption.

Use the “return journey” option to display the driving range for the whole trip.

Bildschirm der Reichweitenberechnungzone

Use our APIs to develop customised electromobility services

A range of web services to create effective electromobility services and integrations for existing mobility apps and platforms.

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    Use our APIs to access a full range of comprehensive electromobility services

  • Impressive functionality with multiple customisation options.
  • Dynamic database including electric vehicles for private (light vehicles) and business use (utility vehicles).
  • Charging station directory: smart services, dynamic updates and a wide geographical area with new stations added daily.
  • Simple integration with interactive documentation (Swagger platform) and pre-built options.
  • Extensible architecture to facilitate the roll-out of services.
Beispiel für API-Anfragen und Antworten
evMove connected services: Verkehr, Wetter, Fahrzeugdaten, Ladestationen.
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    Connected services

To improve the user experience :

  • Charging stations: Real-time status updates with new stations added daily
  • Vehicle data: Real-time battery levels for a better driving experience.
  • Weather: Data streamed updates for more accurate estimates based on seasons and latitude.
  • Traffic: Real-time traffic updates and forecasts used to recommend the best routes and accurately estimate journey times.

SDK electric vehicle navigation system

A custom-made GPS navigation system add-in for electric vehicle-users.

An integration toolkit allows you to add custom-made electric car navigation systems to your mobile or on-board apps.

evMove connected services: Verkehr, Wetter, Fahrzeugdaten, Ladestationen.
  • Connected services

Custom-made architecture for smart app developers

  • Traffic
  • Weather
  • Car data
  • Charging station availability
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    User-friendly integration and customisation

Multiple app templates with instructions for rapid integration.

Choose the modules that suit you and customise your app interface to offer the best user experience.

The solution uses Kotlin, Java and Flutter programming languages

Compatible with Android (iOS scheduled for 2023).

Schema der Integration des evMove SDK

Web and mobile applications

Quickly launch your electromobility app.

Whether for Android, iOS or the web, our turnkey apps have all the functionality needed to offer electric car users a comprehensive service, including route-planning, charging station searching, charging and navigation.

You can add our white-label products as an integral feature of your products and services.

Bildschirme der Webanwendung und mobilen Anwendung

ev-Move supports those using electric vehicles for business


Improve your services with driver-friendly functionality.

The route-planning, charging station search and navigation services available through our APIs and white-label applications will help you to boost customer satisfaction and increase customer loyalty.

Elektrofahrzeug an Ladestation angeschlossen.


Ease the transition to an electric vehicle and nudge your prospective customers towards buying a vehicle from your electric range with our web interface.

Offer your customers assistance in using their electric vehicle by adding our integration tools to your mobile app or onboard the vehicle.

OEM ev-Move

Business fleet managers

Use our solutions to get the most of your electric vehicles and streamline your fleet operations. 

Improve the driving experience of your mobile workforce with our navigation functionality and driving companion for electric vehicles.

Software for EV fleet management


Customise your services to meet the requirements of electric vehicles and ease the transition of your business fleet to zero-emission mobility.

Software for telematics by ev-Move

Roadside assistance

Meet the specific needs of electric car-users by equipping your call-centre operators with a tool to help them become experts in every aspect of electric vehicles from charging to battery range.

Roadside assistance for electric vehicles by ev-Move

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